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Cinco miembros del equipo Bekw yâs Güilá posan con uniformes azules en un jardín, con los brazos cruzados y fondo de vegetación.
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They will be accompanied by Hernan Luis, the Bekw yâs Güilá and Diego Martínez

Oax Sport prepares for the last round of the Golden Trail National Series Mexico hosted by Tepec Trail by UTMX. The championship race will take place in Huasca de Ocampo, Hidalgo, México, 28th and 29th of August 2021.

Each national series of the Golden Trail series by Salomon (GTNS), will highlight the countries’ best races & best athletes with a formula of 2 to 5 races + a national finale and an overall GTNS Grand Final gathering the best of each GTNS.

In Oax Sport, we have committed to support our two main trail athletes, Rosalino and Roque, to be part of the entire GTNS México. With their successful participation in the first and second rounds of the national championship, Rosalino and Roque are more prepared and ready for the last round. The deciding race at Tepec Trail by UTMX will see the best trail runners of the country competing for an entry in the international final of the Golden Trail Series by Salomon.

Huasca de Ocampo became a famous destination for trail running since the creation of an important race by UTMX organization in 2011. Tepec will represent the comeback of these organizers to Huasca since the last edition of their famous race in 2019. So expectations are high and we are sure it will become a “must” in a short term.

The course of this true mountain marathon shares some trails with the UTMX “Fast Run” through dense forest of pine and oak, but also includes some new areas with astonishing views of the Sierra de las Navajas area. The design of the course, with an extensive amount of trails and single-track, is promising to be a proper final for the GTNS MÉXICO and one of the most competitive races in the country.

Rosalino Meneses Lopez will represent Oax Sport in the primary race, which has a distance of 40 km as the qualifying race in for the Golden Trail International Series. In the same event, Roque Luis García will take part in the supporting race Medio Tepec which has a distance of 26k. Roque’s participation will be the third in this year’s series, after successful two previous participation in the development races where he finished top 10 overall in the previous two events.

Roque Luis Garcia

“Being able to run the last phase of the serial Golden Trail Series is something indescribable. I never thought I would be able to run the 3 stages, running the UTMX is very exciting for me. I have been preparing for this last stage because I am more than sure it will be something impressive.

About the route, I think Marcos Ferro prepared it for being a demanding and impressive race. I will enjoy every single step of this last race. It still a few weeks to go, but for that date to arrive I will continue working on myself. In my preparation, I will put in practice, the experiences already acquired, and I will improve everything that I did wrong in past races.

I thank everyone who supports and motivates me, especially Oax Sport and the friends and colleagues who always have words of encouragement that have come to motivate me. I am working harder and see you in Tepec.” Roque Luis Garcia, Official Athlete of Oax Sport Inc.

Joining Roque will be his partners from Bekw yâs Güilâ, an Oax Sport’s development team. The team manager Hernan Luis Garcia, and the young talents, Luis Santiago and Geovanni Santiago, who will also run in the mini TEPC, the 12k race.

Diego Javier Martinez

Sharing the 12 k route will be Diego Javier Martinez, a young athlete from Oaxaca City who also successfully took part in previous Golden Trail races and other relevant events with Oax Sport. His latest achievement was finishing second place overall in the 15 km of Trail de los Volcanes in Iztaccihuatl, Puebla. A trail race that reaches an altitude of over 3,600m with a view of the two great volcanic mountains, Iztaccíhuatl y Popocatépetl.

Oax Sport’s mission is to offer athletic experiences to a wide range of sports persons who live in the state of Oaxaca, with a focus on residents of small communities. The Golden Trail National Series offers exceptional sporting events by partnering with the best trail running races in the country. The calendar that makes the national series attracts the most qualified trail runners from Mexico and abroad. For this reason, we saw it imperative to be part of this experience and facilitate the participation of young local talents from Oaxaca.

“Due to its location and the logistics that the transfer implies, for several athletes from outside the City of Oaxaca it is very complex to attend the great national competitions. By organizing the trip and financial support in transportation and registration, Oax Sport makes it easier for these competitors to get to know other venues and establish links with other runners in the country. In this way, the interest of young people in sport remains, it is transmitted to the community and the possibilities of extending a support network to attend more and better races increase.” Diana Garcia, Public Relations Director, Oax Sport Inc.

Oax Sport is a nonprofit sports agency that focuses on administrating athletes’ careers by promoting them and supporting them in finding funding opportunities. The agency relies on private and business support to pass along its experience and commercial services to athletes from the Oaxaca region of Mexico.

To sponsor or donate to our athletes, contact us through the contact page. We rely on commercial sponsorship and personal donation to carry on our sports and education programs. Direct donations can be done through PayPal, please click here to go to the donation page.

To receive our press releases and media communication, please contact us through the contact page to be added to our media contacts. We appreciate the media support and spreading the word of our activities and programs.

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